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The Calendar: Stage II

Stage II indeed! The rate at which I am working on the Calendar, it might take me approximately another billion and a half stages before I am done. Finally I got around to adding some water and in the meanwhile, Ka went ahead and added a copyright mark (she traced her hand on my work!) ! Guess she’s given up all hope on it ever getting done. Or maybe it’s been lying around for so long, she thought it’s done and didn’t approve of how plain and featureless it looked. So, she decided to spruce it up her way  🙂
Now that we have the sun and the water, I am hoping, in good time,  the clouds will form.  Oh! ignore the rainbow. It’s magical. It just sprung out of nowhere.  Our little rainbow here doesn’t like to depend on rain clouds or the sun for anything.  He’s quite independent you see…

BTW, the hot glue gun didn’t work either. I mean it worked and then it got un-worked over the next week. So I had to resort to using the good old stapler.  I am not really happy with the looks but right now, whatever works!


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