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The Calendar : Stage III

Strange as it may sound, Ka bunked school today and I am so proud of us!! Stranger as it may sound, Ka bunked school because we were out last night till 10:30pm (‘irresponsible’ might be the word you are looking for). Now, that’s not really why I am proud of us but like somebody said, “everything happens for the good”. The reason I am proud is because we worked a fair amount on our Calendar today and it looks pretty decent. Yeah! We might have gone a little overboard with the stickers but we had fun. And isn’t that all that matters? And the most important reason for us getting this done is because Ka brushed her teeth today. I know! I know! These seem like they have nothing to do with each other but do you have any idea how energetic I feel through the day when I don’t have to survive a wrestling match first thing in the morning? So, today she brushed her teeth. On her own. With toothpaste. AND NOT A TEAR WAS SHED. That’s a miracle!!! And it amazes me how small little acts of kindnesses from Ka can make my life seem so wonderful 🙂
Here’s proud little Ka….

and here’s our calendar…


And if you are wondering why Ka looks like a boy, it’s because I just got her hair cut. One less power struggle in the morning you see…

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