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Calendar: Stage V

A picture is worth a thousand words.  Does that mean 2 pictures would be worth 2000 words? Either ways, I have 4 pictures for you AND a lot of words. What can I say? I am a generous woman.

Anyway, today, after what seems like forever, the voice in my head finally won the battle of talking me into resuming work on Ka’s calendar. So, we brainwashed some more animals to migrate.


Mr. Long Neck just noticed His Highness behind the bush and isn’t particularly delighted. Maybe they just aren’t the best of friends.
Sneaky Mr.Alligator looks more than ready for dinner while poor little Fluffy the rabbit has no clue what’s coming! Mr.Frog can’t wait to slurp up Hearty the butterfly but looks like he doesn’t want to draw Mr. Alligator’s attention. Mr.Clappity the crab is bewildered by all these crazy animals trying to eat each other! I don’t think he approves at all. By the way, what’s the matter with Mr. Big Nose? Does he really think he can reach the grass that way? Really Mr. L.Nose? Men!!
Ms.Jelly is happy just floating around showing off her pretty tentacles. Starry has found himself a nice little cozy corner to call home. And Toto the turtle looks quite content with his life too.
Sigh! I have 12 more to go. I have to convince some more folks that this is indeed a wonderful neighbourhood. And then when they aren’t looking, I have to somehow tag them with numbers.  Without that what good are they to us?  Sounds unfair but if we lived in a fair world, I would be a famous woman and my picture would appear next to the words ‘lazy’ and ‘procrastinator’ in all the dictionaries in the world!!!

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