Play with clay

No! I haven’t.

Like I said, I haven’t finished Ka’s calendar. I haven’t even tried making those hawaiian skirt type earrings with fancy paper or fabric. Instead, I have been spending my time reading books authored by Dr. Maria Montessori, and designing earrings and designing clay artifacts. I know none of these have anything to do with each other, but that’s me!

So after having sketched some designs for some earrings, I went out and bought a clay conditioning machine and some clay (all were on sale…that is my very own special way of justifying it :)). And here are my very first pair of clay earrings, with many many more to come…

And I have signed myself up to finish Ka’s Calendar before the start of next week. And knit a pair of socks for her without a pattern to follow. And try some more earrings. And try a fair isle pattern of my own. And try and throw some clay on the wheel and get something, just anything, that looks better than the lump of mud I started off with.

I am doing it again ain’t I? Let me draw the line here, take a deep breath and stop flitting and fluttering around. My only goal for this week will be to finish the Calendar. And now let me go and leave notes for myself on the fridge door and bedroom wall and bathroom mirror and laptop and PC and iphone and in the todo list by my bed…


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