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Summer Fun!!

Yay! Summer’s here! And so is summer vacation. Yup! I do realise it’s a bit of a late reaction. But, anyway. I didn’t sign Ka up for summer school. The selfish mommy that I am, and having realised that my baby doll is growing up at rocket jet speed (as Ka likes to say), I decided we should spend the summer together doing some fun stuff.  School closed on June 30th and off we went to Alaska on July 1st. About 3 hours into her vacation she was already missing school and her friends and all the ‘fun friday(s)’ that she will be missing during summer. So, after a 14 day super-fun trip at the end of which Ka felt better about not going to school, I made a list (and a pretty long one at that) of fun things Ka and I could do together besides not having to wake up early and rushing off to school 🙂

But, as we all know, making lists is the easiest part. I do it all the time. But, tackling tasks on a list is a whole different deal.  Especially when it involves a head full of ideas and more than one closet full of art and craft supplies.  I never know where to start, both idea-wise and treasure-hunt-for-required-materials-wise! You have no idea (unless you are of the same breed, of course) how much time it takes and how crazy I get when I start trying to look for the couple of worn out toothbrushes that I had saved soem 6 months ago. Yes! I do save old toothbrushes! Don’t you?

But before any of this starts to happen, before I start looking for things I need, there is one other big thing I need to accomplish. The biggest challenge of all. Getting off my bottom! Needless to say, not having to wake up early in the morning to wrestle with a four year old over a toothbrush does not help.  And I am beginning to see what an important role toothbrushes play in my life. So it took us very long to get the list out and start off on our fun art project spree.  But start we did. And fun we had.  And this is how much!!


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