Play with clay


And here are a few more…

Here’s the one that was thrown, slapped, pulled, pushed, squashed, thrown again, slapped again, pulled and pushed again, after which it gave in and collapsed on itself. So, I had to behead it, let it dry out for a week or so and then cut and sandpaper it to make it look presentable. What can I say, I don’t give up that easily.  Even if it means beheading a clay pot!
And the reason I hate Raku (which is a fancy name for red coloured clay) is because the glaze doesn’t show. Who will even believe that I glazed this piece with a bright yellow and turquoise?


What’s more? After spending a good 1/2 an hour trying to etch something on it with a blade, I turn it over and what do I see? I have drawn a star! A STAR! Now, Ka would have come up with a better idea. But then again, I didn’t intend it to be a star. It just ended up being that!


This is the one that Ka painted and I took the opportunity to get her handprint on it. My! My! The little doll is growing up. And so fast!!
Another one of my pinch pots painted by ka with a huge brush, some red and white slip and a small piece of string…
These pots are proof that a human being, even a miniature one, if allowed to do what he/she loves best, will do it well.
Another one of my wrap pots. The colour is horrible, I know. This is what happens when the husband has the kid and not the car. I told him that the library closes at 9:00 and that they’ll throw him and his daughter out! He didn’t believe me. He insisted (for a reason I still don’t understand) that I should keep the car. And SURPRISE! They threw them out at 9:00 and in the next 10 minutes, I so wanted to murder the person who came up with the idea of a cell phone!! Anyway, I dunked the piece in white glaze instead of clear and this is what I got. A perfectly beautiful ugly little pen holder. What’s more? Somebody broke it after firing it and now it has a big crack where I glued the pieces together.


And here’s my best piece. Best because it was thrown on the wheel and it survived. It turned out just fine. Everything went well. Just as it should have for the rest of them but didn’t. And I am pretty sure it was just fluke. Couldn’t be that I finally got the hang of it. Somehow, I just don’t buy that story 🙂