Don’t chuck ’em…

Soda cans. Mr. M loves coke and I love Mr. M (for all the soda cans he brings home)! A little more than a month ago I found this recipe online for whole wheat goldfish crackers. Ka loves goldfish crackers and I love anything whole grain that I could potentially feed Ka. Trying to raise a healthy kid in today’s world is not an easy job. Especially now that she’s about to turn 6 and seems to know that figs and dates are no substitute for chocolate and ice cream. There is only so much you can con a child. Eventually they become literates and soon after, (long before you know it), they are calling your bluff. So, getting back to the point, I wanted desperately to try out this recipe which called for mini goldfish cookie cutters. I am sure they are available in Shanghai. I mean, Shanghai’s a big place and I am sure there are plenty of stores that sell teeny tiny goldfish cookie cutters but I didn’t have a clue how to track ’em down. In fact, I didn’t even have the guts to try to try to track them down. This was around the same time when I was looking at many websites that listed craft ideas. Summer vacation was around the corner and I was so panicky about spending 2 whole months with Ka at home. I had started working on the most important list of my life – list of things to do with Ka over summer. That’s when I stumbled upon this website that had truck loads of projects using soda cans and voila! The bulb in my head shone bright and I made Mr. M go down to the gym right that second and buy a can of coke. Then I pestered him to drink it so I could do this…

I beheaded and ‘bebottomed‘ the soda can. Then I cut it into strips with a kitchen scissors and made my first mini goldfish cookie cutter. After that it was easy. Mr. M and Ka took turns calling out a shape and I tried to make them. 4 shapes later, they ran out of ideas and I of steam. And the dough for the crackers sits patiently in the freezer awaiting the return of their master…


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