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Back In Action

I am going the Montessori way! Which means that I will be spending the next couple of weeks trying to de-clutter Ka’s room. No more books lying all over the place, no more wasted time trying to decide what game to play or which activity book to work on, or what clothes to wear! Limit the choices! It just makes life so much simpler. So, we spent a fairly big chunk of yesterday sorting through her books, putting away all but 10 of them and doing the same with her toys. Anyway, after the sorting, we couldn’t justify using up a whole shelf for just those 10 books. Moreover, Ka does most of her reading at bedtime. So, this is what I came up with, an easy-peasy-lemon-sqeezy solution that took me just a couple of hours to make.  The next time around, it will be quicker and cuter!


I do intend posting a simple tutorial on making this book-holder thingie.  Will try to get around to it soon.  Right now, my conscience is gnawing at me for “wasting” time blogging when I should be working on my assignments.  So, I’ll beg leave for now and I promise, I will be back soon 😉