Pen on Paper

Untangling life

So, as I mentioned in my previous post, I discovered Zentangles.  Not very recently.  It’s been a couple of years.  I did a few tiles in quick succession and then I got distracted.  Because that’s what I do.  I procrastinate and then I get distracted.  I’m not particularly proud of these traits (or are they habits?), but it’s these little quirks that make me me!  And I kinda like me.  So I’m going to leave me alone 🙂

Meanwhile, here are my first few tiles.  They aren’t extraordinary or anything.  I was just tripping on finding new tangles and throwing them together without giving much thought to what worked and what didn’t or how and where they should be placed.   You might see my progress through the first few tiles as I got a sense of what I hoped to get from this whole process.

My First
I believed I HAD to cover every inch of the tile…
Learned to fill in as needed to create some effects
Discovered the shoelace and the rope and loved it!
This one is the darkness before dawn…



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