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Diva Challenge 

I’m a procrastinating obsessive list-maker and one of the things at the very top of all my lists has consistently been to create more zentangles.  Adding it to my lists was taken care of by the obsessive list -maker part of me.  But when it came to actually seeing the plan through,  the procrastinator part of me always got in the way.  Luckily I stumbled upon the Diva Challenge recently.  One zentangle challenge posted every Monday.  Just what I needed to get going.  So,  without much ado,  here’s my first one.  Diva Challenge #302 : The Hamadox.


I do realise I went a little overboard with the abstraction of the Hamadox but,  I kind of like what I ended up with.

That said,  I do intend to try and create something more traditional and true to the original pattern. I plan on getting it done tomorrow.  It’s way past my bed time now and I can barely keep my eyes open… But tomorrow will be a new day and I do hope that the procrastinator stays asleep longer than me.




2 thoughts on “Diva Challenge 

  1. So happy you’re joining the Diva Challenges! As a compulsive list maker myself…. I totally understand! It’s easy to make a list of all the wonderful things you want to do! For me… finding the energy is the problem! All the NOT fun things on the list take presidence. LOL! I LOVE your take on Hamadox ! It’s so whimsical and feminine. It feels like beautiful exotic bird feathers! 🙂


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