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I recently started reading ‘Mindset’ and I have, much to my delight, discovered that when it comes to art, I have a “growth mindset”.  It means that I’m super critical of my work, am willing to push my boundaries and believe that with practice I can get infinitely better.  Now, I am fairly new to Zentangle.  I don’t know the names of tangles.  I don’t have a go to tangle. More often than not, my tiles end up looking nothing like what I’d envisioned and I have a long winding road to traverse before I get where I want to be.  But that’s okay.  I am learning everyday. I am enjoying the process and it keeps me engaged.  That’s why I absolutely loved this week’s Diva Challenge (#308).  For my tile, I picked Flux.  I just happened to chance upon it during one of my mindless browsing sessions.  I learned that this was one of the original tangles, and it has two versions – Rick’s and Maria’s.  So, I decided to  throw them in together and see how that would work.  Here’s what I got…


I am fairly happy with it.  I am sure there is much room for improvement though.  Any feedback, tips, and/or suggestions are always appreciated.  That’s the only way I know to learn and grow 🙂


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