Pen on Paper

Round and Round and Round…

Here’s my tile for IAST#195.  I did not finish it on time and so couldn’t send it in.  But here it is nevertheless.


On a different note, I finally took the plunge and registered for the CZT seminar.  Needless to say, I am super excited and can’t wait.  Come on Time, get moving!! I can’t think of a better time for you to do that flying thing you do…

Pen on Paper

I love Trella!! It is just so much fun.  Here are my tiles for IAST#194 using Trella, Florz and N’Zeppel.

Attempt 1
Attempt 2
Pen on Paper

Mmmm… Molygon 

About 14 years ago, my husband and I lived in Australia. I moved there after we got married (he’d already lived there for a couple of years before that). I loved it there. We didn’t have a lot of money but we did have a wonderful time. We were pennyless newly weds and I still believe that that’s the best kind of newly weds to be. I loved every moment of it.

During our time there, I always told myself that I would buy a didgeridoo and a set of boomerangs when we had more money.  Out of the blue my husband got his dream job in the US.  We couldn’t afford to pay for shipping and so we got rid of all of our stuff and relocated.  I never got my didgeridoo or my boomerangs.

All these years later,  I was doing my share of mindless browsing today when I stumbled upon a set of boomerangs on sale by somebody on facebook.  I am so tempted but if I did buy them, it wouldn’t mean the same to me. I would have no memories attached to it. No story to go with it. But I can’t get it out of my mind. And I think that might have had something to do with how my tile for DivaChallenge#315 turned out ☺️



I am so excited!!!  A few weeks ago, I sent in one of my original tangles to Linda and it made it’s way onto her website.  I hope you’ll try it and I really hope you like it.  Here’s a link to the step-outs to Zari on Linda’s website.

Pen on Paper

Another Baby Step

Here’s my very first Zendala.  When I say “very first”, I mean the first one that I’ve not done from an existing template.  I drew this from scratch and rather enjoyed the process.  It was unusually calming.  I am definitely going to do more of these.  For all you know, this is what I needed to get me to do the Zendala Dare more often.

Zendala1BTW, I can’t seem to stop seeing these really creepy birds in my Zendala.  They are either very angry or very drunk!  And they all seem to be staring right at me.  I’m doing Paradox a different way the next time.