Who am I?

I am a wife to a wonderful man, and a full time mom to a beautiful, nerdy, preteen human girl, two mind blowingly cute twin Guinea Pig boys and an ultra-cute, super-smart and equally naughty little Doggie boy.  All that doesn’t change the fact that I am vehemently opposed to growing up.  It doesn’t appeal to me, I don’t see any value in it and I haven’t found a good enough reason to do it.  I plan to continue being a baby and throw tantrums till my dying day.

I am a procrastinating perfectionist possessed by a minimalist and a hoarder.  For those of you who don’t realize it, that is a deadly combination.  Feel free to sympathize with my super-tolerant husband (if you haven’t already done so).  The minimalist and the hoarder in me do have their differences but for the most part they get along surprisingly well.  The hoarder simply cannot resist collecting notebooks, pens and junk jewelry that I never use.  The minimalist gets all wound up at the sight of clutter.  So H gets free reign of jewelry and stationary while M is in charge of everything else.

I love traveling.  I’ve lived in 17 cities over 35 years.  I thrive on it. Without it, I would go insane.  Fortunately (for him), Mr. Husband loves traveling too.  I love old, slow, calming music because I am high strung. I cannot meditate to save my life.  My mind just won’t stop wandering for even a millionth of a second.  I love all forms of precipitation and so perennially grey and wet Seattle fits me like a glove.  I don’t like movies where anybody good gets hurt (physically, emotionally or any other ‘…ally’) or dies.  I will cry my eyes out and not very quietly.  I L.O.V.E. animals.  I talk to inanimate objects like they were people.  I miss members of my family when they’re in the next room.  I am a compulsive organizer.  For that reason, I have two blogs.  This one that you are reading right now and the other one. As you might have deduced by now, I’m kinda nutty.

Family and friends would have me believe that I am creative although I am not so sure myself.  Anyway, I’ll let you be the judge of that…


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