Done and Dusted

I am now officially a Certified Zentangle Teacher and I am so thrilled about it, I can barely contain myself.  As always, I owe this to the love of my life, the yang to my yin…

CZT certificate.jpg

To be brutally honest, before I signed up for the seminar, I was not the least bit sure about what I was doing. As always, I had no plans or direction and being a CZT was more of a distant dream…a someday-I’ll-do-this kind of thing. I was full of doubt because that’s who I am. I am flawed in more ways than one and with every passing day, I am learning that so is everybody else.  The point is that I am impatient, fickle, indecisive, grossly under-confident, overly-emotional and …wait for it…hyper-critical of myself.  No, the irony is not lost on me.  And of course the doubt becomes overpowering when I have to shell out my husband’s hard-earned money and this, by no means, was a small amount.

Usually when I want something that costs money,  I procrastinate (a strength in this scenario) until I no longer feel the need for it.  That strategy has served me well in weeding out the wants from the needs with a 100% success rate.  That’s exactly what I did in this case too. I slept on it.  Long enough to give sleeping beauty a good run for her money. I slept on the idea and hoped against all odds that the temptation would pass. Instead I came to realize that my urge to attend this seminar wasn’t going anywhere.  It was, on the contrary, only getting stronger.  Before I knew it I was losing sleep over it.  I just couldn’t make up my mind.  So, I turned to the worldwide web seeking comfort but after all my research online, there wasn’t anything I could find on what to expect from the seminar. I did not want to spend the money on this vague, mystery thing that I wasn’t even sure of and had no future plans for.

But you see, my husband and I are very different people.  He is the glass-always-overflowing-and-if-you-see-it-any-other-way-it-must-be-an-awesome-and-exciting-optical-illusion kind of guy.  I, on the contrary, am more of a glass-already-half-empty-soon-to-be-bone-dry-so-let-me-freak-out-and-have-a-panic-attack-right-now kinda girl.  So staying true to my nature, I spent months (I kid you not) trying to decide if I should sign up for the seminar or not.   At long last my husband’s logical and rational arguments tamed my irrational, emotional and fear inducing self-doubt.  The eternally-overflowing-glass prevailed and I found myself in Providence, RI.  Goes without saying (but I am still going to say it) that I couldn’t be happier that I went.  It was worth every single penny and more.  It was enriching, fun, exciting, immensely informative and not to mention, exhausting.  I spent 3.5 days tangling until my fingers were stiff and my vision was blurred. I met some wonderful people and we shared some great stories. It was an amazing experience and I totally L.O.V.E.D. it!!



I have been gone a while and it is because of this little fluff ball that I’ve let into my life.  A pocket sized tornado that I simply can’t resist.  Now I catch myself smiling for no reason at all.  I don’t sigh as much as I used to either.  I know I’ve missed out on many a Zentangle challenges and  am not nearly as prepared as I would like to be for the upcoming CZT (Yay!!!) but it’s totally worth it.  Here’s introducing the newest quadruped addition to my family, my youngest, 11 weeks old and a mere 4 pound bundle of joy…Yoda!


Pen on Paper

Round and Round and Round…

Here’s my tile for IAST#195.  I did not finish it on time and so couldn’t send it in.  But here it is nevertheless.


On a different note, I finally took the plunge and registered for the CZT seminar.  Needless to say, I am super excited and can’t wait.  Come on Time, get moving!! I can’t think of a better time for you to do that flying thing you do…

Pen on Paper

I love Trella!! It is just so much fun.  Here are my tiles for IAST#194 using Trella, Florz and N’Zeppel.

Attempt 1
Attempt 2
Pen on Paper

Mmmm… Molygon 

About 14 years ago, my husband and I lived in Australia. I moved there after we got married (he’d already lived there for a couple of years before that). I loved it there. We didn’t have a lot of money but we did have a wonderful time. We were pennyless newly weds and I still believe that that’s the best kind of newly weds to be. I loved every moment of it.

During our time there, I always told myself that I would buy a didgeridoo and a set of boomerangs when we had more money.  Out of the blue my husband got his dream job in the US.  We couldn’t afford to pay for shipping and so we got rid of all of our stuff and relocated.  I never got my didgeridoo or my boomerangs.

All these years later,  I was doing my share of mindless browsing today when I stumbled upon a set of boomerangs on sale by somebody on facebook.  I am so tempted but if I did buy them, it wouldn’t mean the same to me. I would have no memories attached to it. No story to go with it. But I can’t get it out of my mind. And I think that might have had something to do with how my tile for DivaChallenge#315 turned out ☺️