I am so excited!!!  A few weeks ago, I sent in one of my original tangles to Linda and it made it’s way onto her website.  I hope you’ll try it and I really hope you like it.  Here’s a link to the step-outs to Zari on Linda’s website.

Pen on Paper

Another Baby Step

Here’s my very first Zendala.  When I say “very first”, I mean the first one that I’ve not done from an existing template.  I drew this from scratch and rather enjoyed the process.  It was unusually calming.  I am definitely going to do more of these.  For all you know, this is what I needed to get me to do the Zendala Dare more often.

Zendala1BTW, I can’t seem to stop seeing these really creepy birds in my Zendala.  They are either very angry or very drunk!  And they all seem to be staring right at me.  I’m doing Paradox a different way the next time.

Pen on Paper

M as in Moon

This was my submission for IAST#193.  The challenge was dedicated to Lily Moon and all of the suggested tangles were Lily’s creations.  Although I have admired and been inspired by Lily’s work for a while now, I hadn’t really tried any of these tangles before. Now that I’ve had a chance to try them out, I love them all.  I now have 4 more tangles I can add to my armory ;).  However, I royally messed up Reel simply because I am absolutely incapable of recognizing when to stop.  Lily made it look so easy that I drew it directly on my tile with pen, without trying it out first.  That was mistake number 1.  After that it plunged nose first so quickly, it had crashed and burned before I knew what hit me.  Now it looks like an ugly blob on what had the potential to be a perfectly nice tile. Sorry Lily!  I will be smarter next time.


And by smarter I mean I will not attempt it again for a while.  I redid the tile sans Reel.  And just for a change of scenery, I used a black tile.  This time I messed up Lily’s Valentine but it wasn’t catastrophic.  Although I ended up with something very different than the original tangle, it still looks okay.  I do feel bad about leaving out reel though.  I haven’t sworn off of it forever or anything.  I just need a little time to recover and restore my confidence.  And then I’ll give it another shot, I promise!  Until then, here goes…

P.S. If you know the name of the tangle I’ve used instead of Reel on the black tile, please do leave me a comment.  I got it from a tile I’d made long ago before I even knew that these patterns were called tangles and that they have names 🙂

Pen on Paper · Upcycle

Earth Day

My tile on a piece of paper cut out from a whole foods paper bag for Diva Challenge #313

Tangles used : Crazy Huggins, Betweed, Zari (my own), Joki, Funbee, Fescu. I don’t know what the one along the top border of my tile is called. If any of you know the name of it, please let me know 🙂 


1000 Wishes Swap

Here are my ATCs for Today’s Tangles 1000 Wishes Swap. One on behalf of each member of my family – the husband, the kids (two-legged and 4- legged) and me 🙂