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Done at last!

Finally, a lot of bowls of fruits and steamed vegetables later, we are done. Ka can start using her calendar from tomorrow. Maybe the obsessive freak in me that craves for order in everything will not let her use it till the 1st (it’s just a more logical place to start)! But, the important part is that we are done and what an excellent job Ka did with the number-writing.
Here are some pictures of the finished product…

And here’s the whole picture…
The idea behind the whole gift thing came from the quote ,”Today is a gift. That is why we call it the present.”  And Ka kind of liked the idea of the animals bringing her a gift everyday 🙂
And now that I am done with the whole calendar making episode, I strongly feel this desperate need to swear that I will never take it upon myself to try anything like this ever again. This is my first and my last!! I can come up with ideas and sketches but I really don’t think this is my cup of tea. And anyway, I hate tea!
Mum and Bub

Almost there!!

And I’m done. Not done done but almost done. Well, this time around Ka is the culprit. She needs to finish writing the numbers and she’s been doing that in installments over the past 2 weeks! Really? 2 weeks to write your numbers from 1 to 31? That’s a bit too much. Even by my standards. So now I have made up my mind. Today, I am going to put my foot down, bribe her with some cartoons and ice cream and get done with this whole Calendar thingie. I mean, this drama’s been going on for 9 months now.  Enough already! Although I am not sure she’ll fall for the ice cream. She says it’s unhealthy. No! I have not traded in my 4 year old for a 65 year old. She is still 4 and she’s quite a sensible 4 year old at that.  On the downside, it becomes extremely difficult for us to bribe her into doing things. Next time around I might just try a bowl of steamed broccoli 🙂