Back After Forever

Here I am.  All excited and energised.  I am doing a course with  Creativity, Innovation and Change.  I love it.  2 weeks in and I love it more than I ever imagined I would.  As part of the project, I’m back to take this blog in a new exciting direction.

Ka turned 8 about ten days ago.  She’s a big girl now (or so she believes).  I am just going to play along although I am not particularly in love with the whole prospect of her growing up so fast.  There’s so much I want to do with her but there’s such a dearth of time.  Also, with every passing day, I am having to put in more effort and more thought into mothering her.  She needs more freedom and there’s only so much freedom I can give her.  She wants no responsibility but there’s only so much I can let her off the hook.  We’ve been locking horns constantly.  There’s been a perpetual power struggle playing out and I soon realised that we needed to change our ways drastically.  We have to change the way we deal with each other, the way we deal with our own needs, the way we relate to each other, the way we voice our opinions, the battles we choose to fight, the way we teach ourselves to calm down and the way we choose to build our relationship.  So I took the plunge and signed up for the ‘Yell Less, Love More’ challenge on The Orange Rhino.  We also attended an Art Therapy workshop at Ka’s school which definitely gave us a nice little push in the right direction.  Thence sprung my idea for this project.  This blog will henceforth be a compilation of all the art project ideas (original, inspired and borrowed, with proper credits and links to the original sites, of course) that catch my fancy as an aid to calming down, both for Ka and me.

Here and now we embark on a whole new adventure, hand in hand, determined to find our way, open to new ways of discovering ourselves and each other, and building a beautiful relationship, one moment, one step and one art project at a time…


P.S.  I will also continue to post my own creations as I have done in the past, be it something I made for myself, for Ka or for no rhyme or reason at all.