Pen on Paper


We have house guests.  The kind that come unannounced and don’t tell you when they’re going to leave.  Our long lost friend, Mr. Common Cold and his dear friend and partner in crime, Ms. Sore Throat came to visit and stayed put.  Ka and I have been the most gracious hosts for the past few days.  A couple days ago, their friend Ms. Headache came over uninvited.  One thing led to another and before I could realize what hit me, I’m left tending to Mr. Migraine.  I have to say, Mr. Migraine is a lot like Ms. Headache, but on speed and he is not half as gracious a guest as I am a host.  He’s been pushing my buttons and I’ve tried everything but nothing seems to be working.  Not positively, anyway.  I thought Zentangling might help but when you are Drawing Under the Influence of a cocktail of migraine medications, things don’t exactly go where you want them to.  So, my very first Zendala Dare (#109) has been disastrous and my migraine is worse from all the focused doodling.  But I’ve learnt some invaluable lessons here… 1) Doodling DOES NOT cure migraines, and 2) Avoid DUI at all costs 🙂




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